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Individual Therapy and Family Counseling

I guide and assist parents to have a better understanding and manage their child’s emotions, thoughts and actions in order to reduce meltdowns.
I help identify triggers in order to enable the ability to use coping skills to deal with stressful situations.

Parent Support

My goal is to assist parents to better understand their child’s emotions, thoughts and actions. Together, we will take positive steps forward to address obstacles that are faced daily. Improved awareness and proper actions are integral building blocks that I will provide to manage everyday challenges. With a treatment plan, that is tailored to each individual, parents are supported to help troubleshoot problems and assist in meeting their child’s special needs.

Skills Training

Emphasis is placed on learning to perform daily-living activities and community participation. To some, routine tasks of brushing teeth or combing hair might seem quite ordinary. It is my goal to provide the proper tools and strategies to help master tasks and empower self-reliance and independence.