About Hidden Abilities NY

My goal is to educate, empower and support individuals and families affected with autism.
I believe that each individual has the ability to overcome and conquer obstacles placed in his or her path. My creative personal and strengths-based approach allows me to tap into my client’s Hidden Abilities. I specialize in working with adolescents, young adults and families who struggle with high functioning autism. Additionally, I focus on anxiety, depression, ADHD, social skill deficits and school refusal due to emotional distress.

Hidden Abilities NY was founded because I have witnessed the progression, achievement and success of individuals whose unique behaviors were channeled into strengths. By enabling them to shift their perspective they are able to realize the potential of their inner abilities. Too often individuals are tagged with labels and treated with textbook anecdote. With the proper individual guidance, support, awareness and education, my clients are able to develop and thrive.

I believe that by providing my clients with the proper tools, long-term success is achievable.


Individual Therapy and Family Counseling

I guide and assist parents to have a better understanding and manage their child’s emotions, thoughts and actions in order to reduce meltdowns.
I help identify triggers in order to enable the ability to use coping skills to deal with stressful situations.

Parent Support

My goal is to assist parents to better understand their child’s emotions, thoughts and actions. Together, we will take positive steps forward to address obstacles that are faced daily. Improved awareness and proper actions are integral building blocks that I will provide to manage everyday challenges. With a treatment plan, that is tailored to each individual, parents are supported to help troubleshoot problems and assist in meeting their child’s special needs.

Skills Training

Emphasis is placed on learning to perform daily-living activities and community participation. To some, routine tasks of brushing teeth or combing hair might seem quite ordinary. It is my goal to provide the proper tools and strategies to help master tasks and empower self-reliance and independence.

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About Brette Stein

Brette Stein is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She earned her Masters in Social Work from Fordham University School of Social Work. Brette has been working exclusively within the autism community for 10 years. Prior to transitioning to private work, she was employed as a full time social worker in a residential school for students with high functioning autism.

Brette enjoys empowering her clients to find their own inner strengths and overcome obstacles. Her focus includes working with adolescents, young adults and families who struggle with high functioning autism. Additionally, Brette works with clients who present with symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADHD, social skills deficits and school refusal.

Brette believes that every person has the capacity for growth and change. She supports her clients to find greater balance, personal insight and resiliency. Brette enjoys and feels very rewarded when her clients are able to realize their Hidden Abilities.

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Do you know an adolescent or young adult with high functioning autism? Are you a young adult or young professional with high functioning autism? With the proper help and guidance, there are Hidden Abilities that you can discover! If you are in the New York City area and are looking for additional support for yourself or someone else, I would love to see if we are a good fit to work together. Please get in touch today!